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Instandsetzungsprodukte für stark beanspruchte Verkehrsflächen und LAU-Anlagen


Betofloor 1K FUBOFA W

Environmentally friendly, water-thinnable floor paint for surfaces where the demands on durability are not too high.

Betofloor 1K-Versiegelung

BF-1K sealant is a solvent-based, ready-to-use polyurethane-based reaction resin for surface treatment.

Betofloor 2K-Versiegelung

Hochwertiger lösemittelhaltiger 2-Komponenten-Kunststoff zur Imprägnierung und Versiegelung von Beton- und Zementestrichflächen.

Betofloor Aquapox 176 F

BF Aquapox 176 F is used for the impregnation and sealing of concrete surfaces, cement screed, mastic asphalt and vacuum concrete.

Betofloor Acryl-Kunststoff

BF acrylic plastic is a paint based on high quality raw materials.

Betofloor Füllmasse 883

BF-Füllmasse 883 is a filled, pigmented, solvent-free synthetic resin system, two-component, polyurethane-based.

Betofloor OSS-F

BF coating OSS-F is hard, abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant, liquid-tight and resistant to de-icing salt, oils, greases and more.

Betofloor Kopfspritzung W

BF Head Spray W is a transparent 2-component material based on a water-emulsifiable crystallization-resistant epoxy resin.

Betofloor Colorquarz-Steinteppich

The Betofloor color quartz stone carpet is based on a transparent 2-component epoxy resin material.

SAPO Thermoplast S

SAPO Thermoplast S ist eine teer- und lösemittelfreie, treibstoffbeständige 2-Komponenten-Spezialschlämme zur Versiegelung von Asphaltflächen.

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