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Instandsetzungsprodukte für stark beanspruchte Verkehrsflächen und LAU-Anlagen

Special Products

Betofloor Dickschicht BGS 1

BF thick-film BGS 1 is a reaction-hardening, solvent-free, pigmented 2-component system based on epoxy resin.

Betofloor EP-Harz 66-12 F

After curing, BF EP-resin 66-12 F is an elastic plastic with good adhesion to mineral substrates.

Betofloor SF 88

BF SF 88 is a pigmented, solvent-free, high-quality polyurethane thick-film material.


Due to its special composition, SAPO EP-Grip adheres excellently to all mineral substrates.

SAPO Spezialprimer BM

SAPO BM Special Primer is a 2-component epoxy resin primer for joint sealants

Betosaurus Pox

Betosaurus Pox is a flexibilized, low viscosity 2K epoxy resin. The product is used for stabilization and recovery of fossils.