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Instandsetzungsprodukte für stark beanspruchte Verkehrsflächen und LAU-Anlagen

Betofloor SF 88

BETOFLOOR SF 88 is a pigmented, solvent-free, high quality polyurethane thick-film material, which is crosslinked with isocyanate for Elastomer-plastic. Thre material is elastic, acid resistant, short-term watertght up to 80°C, hydrolysis-resistant, as well as resilient, tear resistant and impact resistant after the hardening.

BETOFLOOR SF 88 is suitable for acid resistant coatings in the equipment construction, flexible sealings under ceramic covering (lquid foil) and for bridge crack coatings in the industrial construction. You can also use it in acid cups and neutralization basins, as well as for catch basins and protection tubs.

Technical product information

Technical product information
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